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Pros and Cons of CBD Oil for Anxiety by Dr. Jagmeet Sethi, MD. Sethi Cannabis Clinic

Updated: Feb 20

CBD oil in medical cannabis is cannabidiol. CBD is the not intoxicating, not addictive part of cannabis. CBD oil is ingested mainly in the daytime. Pros and Cons of CBD oil for anxiety are described below:

cannabis oil, text pros and cons of cbd oil for anxiety
Pros and Cons of CBD Oil for Anxiety

Pros of CBD oil for anxiety are:

It reduces anxiety and allows you to function better. It is subtle and does not make you depressed. Most people describe it as "CBD oil helps manage the racing thoughts, but it does not change your personality or who you are".

Not intoxicating, not addictive.

CBD oil can be taken as needed; CBD oil does not need to be taken regularly.

You have the option to stop taking it and restart it anytime, and there is no need to taper off the oil.

The dose or amount of CBD oil can be adjusted daily. as needed.

Cons of CBD oil for anxiety are:

Nees to be taken 2 or 3 times a day, short-acting.

Cost can be variable from $30 to $120 monthly, depending on the brand and amount of oil consumed.

Some CBD oils are more uplifting and help depression, but can worsen anxiety, dependent on cannabis strains (full spectrum vs isolates, Indica vs Sativa and terpenes).

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