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Current Patients

Follow-up appointments are available at our Burlington office.

Follow-up video appointments are available anywhere in Ontario.

New Patients

Burlington Office

We are a cannabis clinic and patient visits are with a medical doctor, Dr. Jagmeet Sethi. Book a free consultation in person at our Burlington office location. You do not need a referral to book an in-person appointment with the cannabis doctor. Visits are covered by OHIP.

Video Visits

Please ask your doctor to fax a referral form to (905) 681-7751. After we receive a referral from your doctor, we will contact you by phone or email to arrange a free virtual video appointment with Dr. Sethi. An online confidential qnaire will be sent to you to fill out prior to your consultation. Your appointment is covered by OHIP.

We are a medical cannabis/medical marijuanas clinic. Our cannabis doctor assesses patients for cannabis treatment. A cannabis prescription is provided to the patient along with instructions on how to dose and consume cannabis safely. The risks and benefits of cannabis treatment are discussed. We do not sell cannabis. 
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