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About Dr Jagmeet Sethi, Sethi Cannabis Clinic

Experience in Prescribing Medical Cannabis since 2017

  • Dr. Sethi is a medical doctor and an internal medicine specialist. For the past five years, she has worked in Cannabis medicine and has seen over 15,000 patients. Her focus on medicinal cannabis has developed after witnessing thousands of patients getting relief for various chronic medical conditions.

  • Over 1000 physicians refer to our clinic. Most of our new patients find us by talking to current patients and getting referred by their doctors. ​

  • Dr. Sethi adjusts the patient's prescription medications to avoid drug interactions with cannabis treatment. When possible, opiates and prescription medications for sleep are reduced or tapered off. This is done in collaboration with the referring physician.

  • Information on the specific strain for the patient's medical condition is provided to the patient at the first visit. Dr. Sethi provides detailed information on CBD and THC cannabis oils/ capsules/edibles. The dosing schedule is explained in detail to the patient. How to obtain medical cannabis with a prescription, risks and benefits of cannabis treatment, and general safety information is also provided to the patient.

  • Our clinic provides follow-up visits, and Dr. Sethi customizes the treatment plan for the individual patient. The most important part of marijuana medicine is not the first but the follow-up visits. In follow-up visits, your treatment plan is adjusted depending on your unique needs to maximize symptom relief and minimize side effects. We believe the proper customization of cannabis occurs in our follow-up visits, where the best combinations of strains (across licensed producers) and dosing are designed around the patient's individual needs and lifestyle.​

  • Patients can also choose the licensed producer of their choice or change licensed producers.​

  • Visits are covered by OHIP. We do not sell cannabis.

Patient Reviews

Very helpful and knowledgeable of products. Answered all our questions about our particular health issues, and what the oils can do for us. Left feeling better about what the Cannabis oils can do for us. Am looking forward to playing golf and other activities without a great amount of pain. Want to try the creams in the future for my arthritis pain, and looking forward to trying other products in the future.

I have been with Dr Sethi for 3 years. She is very thorough and is focused on your experience and recovery. A pleasure to have during these times. I highly recommend Dr Sethi to those needing a caring caregiver.

I was really hesitant at first but loved the experience! She did put me at ease and it was very helpful.

Dr. Sethi is a compassionate person. Very efficient. My fibromyalgia symptoms have been much improved under her care. I highly recommend this caring doctor.

Dr. Sethi appears to be very knowledgeable and kind to her patients. Dr. Sethi and her staff are always pleasant and understanding!

I have been a patient of Dr.Sethi for a year now. Her compassion, support and expertise has changed my life in relieving the chronic pain I experience daily as a result of rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and now neck. She is so kind and caring and sincerely listens to my needs and makes suggestions that truly make a difference. She does not rush your time with her which is such a wonderful experience. I am so happy I decided to meet with her to discuss my issues as all my medical doctors would not support CBD oil option, truly has allowed me live a fuller, happier and lesser pain free life. Thank you to Dr, Sethi, her staff and the suppliers of my Oil, which have been amazing at every step.

Dr Sethi is a wealth of information when it comes to the best use of medical cannabis. She is compassionate and professional and truly listens to her patients. The staff is very friendly and pleasantly organised! It took me a long time to agree to try an alternative to pharmaceuticals but iwth a great deal of patientce and education from Dr Sethi, I gave it a try until we found the right combination to help. I am truly grateful...and have never felt better! Highly reocommend Dr. Sethi and the Sethi Cannabis Clinic.

Sethi Cannabis Clinic is so well organized. The online questionnaires to complete prior to appointments provide all of the necessary info for the doctor to be prepared for the appointment. It makes the appointments very quick, as Dr. Sethi is armed with all necessary information. Dr. Sethi is very knowledgeable and helpful, making patients feel at ease, and understood. Her education about medical use of cannabis and gathering data for research is tremendously helpful. Her office runs very efficiently and her staff are friendly and helpful. I definitely recommend this clinic!

Dr Sethi is wonderful, listens to your issues, explains her suggestions in layman terms, never hurries you. I'm very comfortable speaking with her, so happy to have her for my cannabis needs, very knowledgeable.

Always a wonderful experience. Our over 90 mom is prescribed CBD tablets and oil and Dr. Sethi is understanding, patient and takes the time to explain how mom is able to use her prescription. Much appreciated

I am so pleased with Dr Sethi and her team. After 10 minutes of speaking with Dr Sethi, she could tell how fatigued I was from not sleeping well. The conversation was not even about my fatigue...It was more about my pain. But still she right off the bat said "Girl...You need some sleep!'. My cognition at the time was minimal due to fatigue and she picked up on it within our initial conversation. A huge thank you to you Dr Sethi. Pain is minimal now and sleep is optimal!!

Sethi Cannabis Clinic is amazing! Dr. Sethi takes the time to explain how each treatment can help your condition, monitors how you are doing with every visit and makes decisions with you in how you can adjust your treatments. She explains Cannabis and your own medical condition very clearly and is very experienced. The staff at the clinic are very helpful and nice every single time I have visited. I would highly recommend Sethi Cannabis Clinic to anybody who is either curious about natural treatments or anyone seeking alternatives to harsh medications for relief of symptoms. It has helped me a great deal, and when you are ill any little bit helps.

My mother is 91 years old and has been using the cannibis cbd capsules for 2 1/2 years. She was walking on all fours prior to this in pain from arthritis. Now she walks amazing with help from a cane, she gardens, cooks , showers on her own and has a normal life. She has also been able to stop taking her meteor in for diabetes. Amazing results. So glad we took the leap of faith!

Dr. Sethi is a compassionate person. Very efficient. My fibromyalgia symptoms have been much improved under her care. I highly recommend this caring doctor.

Dr. Sethi has given me back my active life. Through her knowledge and support I have been able to get back to my active lifestyle and sports activities as a result of using CBD oil and the management of my chronic pain despite previous surgery in both hands. She has a great sense of humour and true compassion for her work and patients. Thank you for what you do and believe in offering alternative options to mainstream medications. It’s amazing to be in control of my pain and know that if I have any questions, concerns I can just call or email Dr.Sethi and her response is immediate. I know not everyone can achieve the results I have but it’s worth a try if you are considering options in your chronic pain management.

Dr. Sethi is definitely an innovative, open minded, caring professional. This area of expertise requires skills that most doctors are never taught nor practice. Dr. Sethi takes the time to listen, explain and initiate a care program that is designed specifically for you! Chronic pain, psychological disorders ect , she has you covered!! Love her!

Dr. Sethi is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and kind. She genuinely cares about her patients and will work with you to find the best treatment to fit your needs.

Dr. Sethi is very knowledgeable, professional and has an excellent Dr vs patient manner. Definitely recommend Dr Sethi to young and old alike. I feel very blessed that I was referred to this clinic. Can't say enough good things!

Dr. Sethi is a highly qualified knowledgeable expert. She is a good listener and is able to quickly understand and thoroughly assess the issues and needs of her patients and find effective solutions. She and her staff have a lot of empathy for her patients, everyone is treated with great respect, kindness and patience. She is an amazing healer and human being who has had an immense positive impact on my life. Every visit is a positive experience, I am forever grateful for her help and support. I would highly recommend her to anyone requiring her expertise. She is also extremely punctual.

I have suffered major neck and back pain after a major car accident almost 30 years ago. My family doctor recommended me to Dr. Sethi, and she is brilliant! She found a cannabis that works for perfectly for me, and for the first time in my adult life, I am waking up each day pain free! It is like liquid GOLD!! Thank you, Dr. Sethi!

Dr. Sethi is great she is very smart and knows her stuff and she is a caring doctor and understands I can't take pain killers or anxiety meds she is a great help to everybody thank God she is here in Burlington

Dr, Sethi takes the time to explain about the different cannabis oils and prescribes the one most suited to you. All suppliers have different strengths and formulas. They have helped with the pain of Rhumatoid arthritis, and Fibromyalia. also reducing my blood sugar. Thanks for all you do.

For the first time in a long time someone really focused on my pain. I’m a terminal cancer patient in a trial program. Immune therapy saved my life and is keeping me stable for now but attacked joints and mussels in my legs and knees. Non stop morphine is not what I want and she understood that. She continues to monitor my pain and quality of life with THC and CBD oils. Very caring doctor.

Dr. Sethi has helped me greatly to be able to sleep longer and more soundly. She listened to the issue I had and made appropriate assessments. The suggested products have worked for me.

Request an appointment with Dr. Sethi for excellence in care, compassion and experience in medical cannabis for symptoms you are suffering from.

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