About Sethi Cannabis Clinic:

  • Over 800 physicians refer to our clinic. Over 80% of our patients are referred by a physician but we do see patients without a referral. Most of our new patients find us by talking to current patients or get referred by their doctor. We are a well known small local clinic and Dr. Sethi has given many talks on cannabis medicine to family physicians in past years. We are offering visits by video and telephone with Dr. Jagmeet Sethi.

  • Dr. Jagmeet Sethi in an internal medicine specialist and known in the community for her extensive experience in cannabis medicine and has seen over 9,000 patients over the past four years. Patient is assessed by Dr Sethi to see if cannabis medicine is appropriate. Risks and benefits are discussed.

  • Our belief is cannabis medicine must be individualized to suit the patient. One size does not fit all!. Tolerance to cannabis varies widely. Risks and benefits of cannabis treatment are discussed for the individual patient. The average age of our patients is 55 years old. 

  • Dr. Sethi also adjusts patient’s prescription medications to avoid drug interactions and reduce other medications. This is done in collaboration with the referring physician.

  • Information on the specific strain and which licensed producer is best suited for patient's medical condition is provided to the patient after the first visit. Detailed information on cannabis oil/ capsules/edibles dosing schedule and how and when to take cannabis strains suggested by Dr. Sethi is provided to the patient. How to obtain medical cannabis with a prescription, risks and benefits, general safety information is also provided to the patient.

  • Our clinic provides follow up visits and Dr. Sethi customizes the treatment plan for the individual patient. The most important part of cannabis medicine is not the first visit but rather the follow up visits. In follow up visits, your treatment plan is adjusted depending on your unique needs to maximize symptoms relief and minimize side effects. We believe the true customization of cannabis occurs in our follow up visits where the best combinations of strains (across licensed producers) and dosing are designed around the patient's individual needs and lifestyle.

  • Patients can choose the licensed producer of their choice as well or change licensed producers.

  • Some patients will need a referral to book an appointment, certain restrictions apply to booking an appointment without a referral from the family doctor. 

  • Visits are covered by OHIP.  We do not sell cannabis.