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THC vs CBD vs CBN vs CBG. Compare Cannabinoids Video

by Dr. Jagmeet Sethi MD. The video discusses how cannabinoids can change benefits and side effects for chronic pain, sleep and anxiety.


CBD vs THC vs CBG vs CBN cannabinoids explained in medical cannabis. Difference between major and minor cannabinoids in marijuana by Dr. Jagmeet Sethi MD from Sethi Cannabis Clinic. How these cannabinoids differ in treating symptoms of pain, sleep and anxiety. Side effects of intoxication, drowsiness, and dizziness are discussed.


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Dr. Jagmeet Sethi is a medical doctor and internal medicine specialist. She has provided medical cannabis treatment for the past 5 years at Sethi Cannabis Clinic in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. She has seen over 15,000 patients in the last 5 years. Dr. Sethi is the host of Educational Videos on Medical Cannabis.


Dr. Jagmeet Sethi MD, FRCPC

Sethi Cannabis Clinic


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Medical Cannabis Videos by Dr. Jagmeet Sethi videos/podcast is a series of educational videos/podcasts. These videos/podcasts are for general information purposes only. They are not meant to diagnose and treat medical conditions and do not substitute care provided by your doctor or other health care professionals. These videos/podcasts by Dr. Jagmeet Sethi are not meant for a doctor-patient relationship. No doctor-patient relationship is formed. Please see your doctor for any medical conditions. Using this information and links from these videos is at the user's own risk. Cannabis use is recommended in people aged 25 years or older. If this is a medical emergency, please seek your doctor or nearest emergency room or call emergency services at 911.

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