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Why Does Cannabis Help Rheumatoid Arthritis? Dr. Jagmeet Sethi MD

Cannabis, both CBD oil and THC, helps with joint pain in Rheumatoid arthritis. Why does CBD oil help rheumatoid arthritis? How do THC oils fit in for joint pain relief? Dr. Jagmeet Sethi, MD, is a real doctor and talks about cannabis for arthritis and the risks and benefits of CBD and THC oils. Cannabis or medical marijuana can reduce inflammation and decrease pain and muscle stiffness to improve function.

YouTube Channel:@sethicannabisclinic

Dr. Jagmeet Sethi MD, FRCPC

Sethi Cannabis Clinic


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Medical Cannabis Videos by Dr. Jagmeet Sethi videos/podcast is a series of educational videos/podcasts. These videos/podcasts are for general information purposes only. They are not meant to diagnose and treat medical conditions and do not substitute care provided by your doctor or other health care professionals. These videos/podcasts by Dr. Jagmeet Sethi are not meant for a doctor-patient relationship. No doctor-patient relationship is formed. Please see your doctor for any medical conditions. Using this information and links from these videos is at the users' own risk. Cannabis use is recommended in people aged 25 years or older. If this is a medical emergency, please seek your doctor or nearest emergency room or call emergency services at 911.

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