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Is Medical Marijuanas Covered by OHIP or Insurance in Canada?

Updated: Feb 19

Dr. Jagmeeet Sethi, MD discusses if medical cannabis is covered by OHIP or insurance in Canada.

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Dr. Jagmeet Sethi MD

Medicinal cannabis may be covered in many ways

First, find a medical marijuana clinic near you. We offer visits by video anywhere in Ontario or in person in Burlington, Ontario. OHIP covers visits with Dr. Sethi. Dr. Sethi will provide the licensed producer with a medical document or prescription if indicated. The patient purchases medicinal cannabis, and a receipt is obtained. This receipt is submitted to the insurance company. Most patients ask the question: Is medical marijuanas covered by insurance?

Medical cannabis may be covered in many ways.

Private insurance like Manulife, Sunlife, etc. However, individual plans vary. Call your insurance company and ask if cannabis is covered.

If cannabis is covered, there is a cannabis coverage form provided by your insurance company that will need to be filled out by the cannabis doctor. The form is sent to the insurance company. Usually, the patient pays for cannabis and submits receipts to the insurance company.

Medical Cannabis is not covered by OHIP. Visits to our office are covered by OHIP however.


WSIB covers cannabis for ingestion (not inhaling) if you qualify. Reach out to WSIB, and they will help you. If cannabis is covered by WSIB for you, then forms need to be filled out by the doctor who prescribes medical marijuana.

Health Spending Accounts

Some health spending accounts allow cannabis medical expenses. If you qualify, you need the receipts from a licensed producer and submit them to your plan.

Some unions like Liuna may provide coverage for their members for cannabis. Inquire with your union about benefits coverage for medical marijuana.

Veterans Affairs

Covers medical cannabis for specific conditions, which has to be approved by Veterans Affairs.

Remember medical cannabis obtained form licensed producer with a prescription can be deducted from you taxes in Canada. But check with your accountant first. Recreational cannabis purchased from stores cannot be deducted from taxes.

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