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CBG in medical cannabis is the first cannabinoid that improves focus/clarity by Dr. Jagmeet Sethi, MD

In the last six months, the CBG (Cannabigerol) cannabinoid in cannabis has been a game changer in medicinal cannabis treatment. CBG in medical cannabis is a minor cannabinoid. CBD and THC are major cannabinoids and are found in larger amounts in the plant. CBG is a minor cannabinoid found in small amounts in the plant. Click below to watch the video on CBG.

First, let's compare CBD vs THC in medical marijuana before we discuss CBG.

Compare CBD vs THC



Not Intoxicating

psychoactive ("high")

Reduces inflammation and pain

helps pain and sleep

Reduces anxiety

reduces anxiety

Usually, no side effects

Dizziness, nausea, and headache if not dosed correctly.

What are the benefits and side effects of CBG?

CBG benefits

CBG side effects

Improves focus and clarity, uplifting

usually none

Not intoxicating

used mainly in the day, not for sleep

Reduces inflammation and neuropathic pain

Easier to do physical or mental tasks, improves concentration.

Compare CBG vs CBD vs THC in medicinal cannabis




Improves focus and clarity

No, it does not help with focus

Reduces focus/concentration

Not intoxicating

Not intoxicating


No side effects

No side effects

Dizziness or more if not dosed properly

reduces anxiety

reduces anxiety

reduces anxiety

reduces inflammation & pain

reduces inflammation, muscle stiffness & pain

reduces pain

reduces anxiety, more uplifting

reduces anxiety

reduces anxiety

does not help sleep

helps sleep in a minority of patients

helps most people sleep

CBG is the mother cannabinoid or parent molecule. CBG converts to CBD and THC (simplified explanation). CBG works better in combination with CBD. Oils usually have a combination of CBD and CBG.

Updated video on CBG, click on below.

CBG seems to be showing promise in improving concentration in ADHD and ADD conditions. CBG is gaining momentum more quickly than any other cannabinoid in the last six months.

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