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Physician Referrals 

Accepting consultations for medical cannabis treatment. We do visits in person at our Burlington location or by video anywhere in Ontario. Patients are seen regularly in follow-ups. Urgent consults are given priority.

Medical Cannabis Treatment and Follow up at Sethi Cannabis Clinic

Patients Assessed for Medical Cannabis Treatment with Dr. Sethi.

Want Dr. Sethi to give a talk on Medical Cannabis at your clinic? Please email us at or call us at (905) 681-7676.

Medical document faxed to Licensed Producer. Cannabis strains/oils/

capsules with dosing are recommended to patient by Dr. Sethi. 

Patient order cannabis and it is delivered to their home.

Coverage for Medical Cannabis

We help patients fill out insurance forms needed for cannabis coverage. WSIB forms are also filled out for cannabis. Cannabis can be deducted in some health spending accounts and can be deducted in you tax return.

Regular follow-up appointments to monitor treatment. Cannabis strains and dosing are adjusted.

No fees charged

We don't charge fees for visits to our clinic. We do not bill Family practice/GP OHIP billing codes and Dr. Sethi's billing is for internal medicine and does not impact Family practice/GP codes.

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